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Vine Project Pastors Train in Sydney

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A group of pastors met in Sydney on 5 and 6 June for Implement, a group coaching process for Vine Project leaders. Mal York found the workshop very helpful. He said: It’s hard to pick one thing I have learned out of today’s session. In fact, I’ve got a list of things that I want to go away with and …


Vine Project teams gather for breakfast

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Over 100 Vine Project leaders and team members from all over the US met for breakfast in Louisville, Kentucky on 12 April. The gathering heard from Vine Project Coaching Director, Craig Glassock and two Vine Project pastors Steve Smith and Chad Haygood. Craig and Matthias Media’s Marty Sweeney also led a Q and A session. “It was encouraging for people to see that …

Implement Feb 2018

Sydney pastors meet for Implement

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Eleven pastors from churches in and around Sydney met on 27 February for an Implement group coaching session with Vinegrowers’ Craig Glassock and Col Marshall. All of the pastors are from churches who are in the first phase of working through The Vine Project. “When I first started at the church I was a bit of a hot head. I …


Implement launches in Sydney

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Implement Sydney was launched on 28 November for 10 Vine Project leaders who came from churches all over Sydney and the South Coast. “For me, the first day of the Implement launch was exactly what I needed to help me kickstart my enthusiasm for ministry,” said Mal York, one of the pastors in the group. “After feeling stale for a …

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From the UK: Change Starts Here

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This Vine Project team from the UK is taking the Phase 2 call for personal change seriously. The results have been impressive. John* knew his team would need to spend time working patiently and intentionally through Phase 2: Reform Your Personal Culture. In the small community in the U.K. where he is a pastor, church attendance is more of a …

The Vine Project in the US

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People are coming to me and saying something like this, “Even though we say we are about making disciples, our ministry culture actually doesn’t showcase that.” Marty Sweeney from Matthias Media, shares feedback about The Vine Project in the US. Watch here 

perth PGP confernce

Gospel Clarity in the Midst of Confusion – Perth Gospel Partnership

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Don Carson joined the Perth Gospel Partnership Conference in Western Australia to speak on ‘Gospel Clarity in the Midst of Confusion’ on 14 and 15 August. About 200 ministry workers gathered to learn and encourage each other to lead the cause of the gospel of Jesus Christ in their churches and beyond. Col Marshall and Craig Glassock from Vinegrowers joined …

orange evangelical church

Orange Evangelical Church making disciples

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Being an ‘Everyday Disciple-Maker’ was the theme for the Orange Evangelical Church weekend away from 11-13 August. Leaders from this Vine Project church in regional Australia were aiming to help the average person in their congregation to help others move towards maturity in Christ and ‘take a step to the right’. Craig Glassock, from Vinegrowers joined them to give talks …


Vinegrowers is launching Implement

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Vinegrowers is launching Implement, a new group coaching program for Vine Project leaders. While Vinegrowers has been offering individual coaching for pastors for over five years now, the group approach is a new ministry for Vinegrowers. “We want to give pastors the opportunity to work through the culture change process together,” said Col Marshall, Director of Vinegrowers. “Developing a disciple-making …