Sydney pastors meet for Implement

Ash Hooker News, Uncategorised

Eleven pastors from churches in and around Sydney met on 27 February for an Implement group coaching session with Vinegrowers’ Craig Glassock and Col Marshall.

All of the pastors are from churches who are in the first phase of working through The Vine Project.

“When I first started at the church I was a bit of a hot head. I wanted to do things my own way,” said Mal York from West Ryde Anglican Church. “As an older minister now, I would tell my younger self, ‘Get some help. Get some people to help you in the process’. And I think that is the beauty of Implement. It is not an intense one-on-one, I will tell you what to do approach, but it is being coached through the process and I find that helpful and encouraging. What I really appreciate is having someone I can talk to, run ideas by and who can support me as I run key meetings.”

Please pray for these pastors as they begin working through The Vine Project in their churches.