Shaping your ministry culture around disciple-making

The Vine Project is more than just a book to be read. It’s a roadmap and a comprehensive set of resources for this sort of church-wide culture change.

The Trellis and the Vine proposed a “ministry mind-shift that changes everything”. The Vine Project shows how that mind-shift can and must shape every aspect of what you are doing as a congregation of Christ’s people to make disciples of all nations.


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The Vine Project seeks to answer the question: how can we shape the whole culture of our church around disciple-­making? Please enjoy reading the introductory chapter, read what people are saying about The Vine Project, or buy the book now by selecting your country and clicking on the green Visit Matthias Media tab.

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Latest Resources

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    A Letter of Hope: Craig Glassock explains how God used the letter from a suffering saint to help him cling to Christ.

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    Growing a healthy Vine Project team culture

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This is a unique book - it somehow manages to be relentlessly biblical, deeply challenging, utterly realistic and profoundly encouraging at the same time. Col and Tony have not only thought more about the life of the local church more than anyone else I know, they have also listened to people (especially pastors) from all over the world, and so have produced a book which is thoroughly humble, sane, flexible and practical. The Vine Project models a way ahead which is both radical and manageable for the local church, and rather than making me feel guilty or depressed, reading it invigorated me and refreshed my passion for gospel ministry ‘on the ground’!

Principal, Queensland Theological College, Australia; Chair, The Council of The Gospel Coalition Australia