Vinegrowers is launching Implement

Ash Hooker News, Uncategorised

Vinegrowers is launching Implement, a new group coaching program for Vine Project leaders. While Vinegrowers has been offering individual coaching for pastors for over five years now, the group approach is a new ministry for Vinegrowers.

“We want to give pastors the opportunity to work through the culture change process together,” said Col Marshall, Director of Vinegrowers. “Developing a disciple-making culture takes time, prayer and perseverance. We hope that working with a group of like-minded pastors will encourage team leaders, allowing them to share what they are learning and set goals together, while also benefitting from a coach who has learned from Vine Project teams around the world.”

Implement will kick off in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Wollongong later this year, with other locations in the pipeline for 2018. Vinegrowers is also investigating starting groups in the US in the new year.

Please pray that this new ministry of Vinegrowers will help pastors to lead their teams well so that Jesus may be honoured through his disciples making disciples.

For more information please see our Implement page.