Shaping your ministry culture around disciple-making won’t be easy. So we’ve created this website to support you. Firstly, we’re providing an extensive array of resources for your team to utilise as you work through each phase of the project. Secondly, we’re building a supportive community of like-minded people passionately committed to disciple-making culture change. We would love for you to join us!

What to expect

When you first sign up you’ll receive access to a range of helpful articles, blogs, and podcasts on disciple-making as well as the latest news from The Vine Project. If you have read the book and you’re on your way to assembling (or being part of) your own Vine Project team, then you will need The Vine Project Team Resources. These include the Team Manual, Real World Stories, Common Roadblocks, Templates, and more. You’ll also receive access to the closed Facebook group where you’ll join other ministry leaders embarking on their own Vine Projects.


The team manual (available in PDF and MS Word formats) contains every discussion question, activity, evaluation, and mini- project that appears in the book. We’ve provided space to type or write your answers and we’ve added some additional templates to help your responses some exercises. Team members work through the manual prior to their team meeting. We encourage every team member to join the community and download their own team manual.
We don’t want teams having to ‘reinvent the wheel’. So we’re producing sample templates to use as is or adjust to suit your purposes. These will include letters, charts, and other documents related to each phase of the The Vine Project. We also recognize some churches value having some concrete data to analyse how their culture is shifting over time. Whilst we’re mindful of treading on potentially legalistic ground, we’re working on producing helpful sample surveys for use in congregations and leadership teams.
Why a community discussion group? Well, we want to provide a place for iron to sharpen iron. Our research has shown there’s a strong desire amongst those who ascribe to this ministry philosophy to be connected with like minded ministry leaders. We believe that in providing a centralised hub for questions, discussions, and comments we’re more likely to find a solution to our own problem, and help others do the same. The closed Facebook group is the place to ask questions, start discussion topics, share your own insights, and benefit from the insights and experience of others. For a variety of reasons there may be times where it’s more appropriate to post a question anonymously. If that’s the case for you, just let us know and we’ll see if we can help.

Opportunity to connect with others face to face – If you’re a Vine Project team leader and you’d like to connect with others living nearby, just send our team an email and we’ll try to help.

You can download our full interviews with all the pastors we introduced in this book. These interviews provide valuable insights from leaders in a variety of ministry contexts, each of whom who have been working away at developing disciple-making culture.
As we’ve worked with different churches in different contexts, surprisingly similar stories emerged about the blockages and problems that churches have in implementing a discipleship culture. So as you work through the phases we’ll be providing information to help you move through these common roadblocks. If you encounter something we haven’t addressed let us encourage you to start a discussion topic on the forum or let us know via email.
In our library you’ll find articles providing a theological basis for various aspects of disciple-making.
Craig Glassock, our Coaching Director, writes a blog on the everyday practicalities of disciple-making.
Our publisher Matthias Media will send you a weekly email that includes helpful articles on and information about their disciple-making resources. In Phase 4 we’ve provided a list of Matthias Media’s top ten resources in each of the 4 E’s in order to help you as you seek to move your people to the right. So, whether you’re seeking to engage, evangelise, establish or equip, you should be able to find the right resource.
In the second half of 2016 we’re planning on delivering webinars for our community. These webinars will provide you with a chance to hear from the authors. We’ll promote these closer to the date.
Audio – Listen to podcasts of ‘Trellis and Vine’ talks from the authors of The Vine Project. They discuss a range of topics you’ll address with your team.

Video – Watch training sessions and talks given by Col Marshall at the Leadership Resources International Conference in Chicago recently.

We’re continuing to add resources to each of the Phases. As we come up with new offerings we’ll be sure to let you know. If you identify a need please get in contact with us or post your question on the forum.

Why is membership free?

We’ve made it free because we want people everywhere to be learning Christ. So, there is no charge to join the community. However, we do need financial support to fund the ministry of Vinegrowers (the ministry behind the book/site) to help us continue supporting the local churches fulfil the great commission. We hope you or your ministry might be in a position to donate to Vinegrowers now or some time in the future. We would greatly value your partnership in this ministry.

Join the Community

Join today to be part of a supportive community of people committed to shaping their ministry culture around disciple-making.

Culture change is something we all know our churches need—but if all that was required was simply a matter of following six easy steps or implementing a new structure, we would have all done it by now! Through a beautifully crafted combination of careful biblical thinking, years of experience, and realistic practitioner reflection, The Vine Project encourages us to see culture change as a long, prayerful and people-intensive process that will produce long-term kingdom growth.

Director, MOCLAM, Monterrey, Mexico