Shaping your ministry culture around disciple-making won’t be easy. So we’ve created this website to support you. Firstly, we’re providing an extensive array of resources for your team to utilise as you work through each phase of the project. Secondly, we’re building a supportive community of like-minded people passionately committed to disciple-making culture change. We would love for you to join us!

What to expect

When you first sign up you’ll receive access to a range of helpful articles, blogs, and podcasts on disciple-making as well as the latest news from The Vine Project. If you have read the book and you’re on your way to assembling (or being part of) your own Vine Project team, then you will need The Vine Project Team Resources. These include the Team Manual, Real World Stories, Common Roadblocks, Templates, and more. You’ll also receive access to the closed Facebook group where you’ll join other ministry leaders embarking on their own Vine Projects.


Why is membership free?

We’ve made it free because we want people everywhere to be learning Christ. So, there is no charge to join the community. However, we do need financial support to fund the ministry of Vinegrowers (the ministry behind the book/site) to help us continue supporting the local churches fulfil the great commission. We hope you or your ministry might be in a position to donate to Vinegrowers now or some time in the future. We would greatly value your partnership in this ministry.

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This is a unique book - it somehow manages to be relentlessly biblical, deeply challenging, utterly realistic and profoundly encouraging at the same time. Col and Tony have not only thought more about the life of the local church more than anyone else I know, they have also listened to people (especially pastors) from all over the world, and so have produced a book which is thoroughly humble, sane, flexible and practical. The Vine Project models a way ahead which is both radical and manageable for the local church, and rather than making me feel guilty or depressed, reading it invigorated me and refreshed my passion for gospel ministry ‘on the ground’!

Gary Millar Principal, Queensland Theological College, Australia; Chair, The Council of The Gospel Coalition Australia April 26, 2016