Every church needs to produce disciples who make disciples. Vinegrowers equips Vine Project churches through resources, coaching, and fellowship.
We need your support to provide:

  • Connector.


    To lead change, implement plans, and grow the new culture.

  • Connector.


    To churches of all sizes and budgets, right around the world.

  • Connector.

    To raise up indigenous coaches who multiply the impact in their own country.

  • Connector.


    To grow the global fellowship from hundreds to thousands of Vine Project churches.

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Culture change is something we all know our churches need—but if all that was required was simply a matter of following six easy steps or implementing a new structure, we would have all done it by now! Through a beautifully crafted combination of careful biblical thinking, years of experience, and realistic practitioner reflection, The Vine Project encourages us to see culture change as a long, prayerful and people-intensive process that will produce long-term kingdom growth.

Director, MOCLAM, Monterrey, Mexico