The Vine Project Coaching

Growing leaders who shape their ministry culture around disciple-making

Why engage in The Vine Project Coaching?

  • Leading culture change can be complex and challenging. Coaching maximises your potential for leading and implementing the change
  • We stand outside the culture in which you are immersed, providing an alternate perspective. Our rich experience of working with and learning from hundreds of churches is synthesised to support you in your context.
  • Coaching represents a small financial investment to help you lead your people, under God, to bring about the disciple-making culture you yearn for.

What are the aims of the coaching?

It’s more than just warm encouragement in your ministry. It’s a robust, accountable, and structured coaching process designed to grow and equip you in leading change well. Our aim is to:

  • Help you prepare for and debrief each Vine Project team meeting and Phase
  • Help you set the right goals for you and evaluate your progress towards them
  • Equip you to lead your people through the roadblocks to culture change
  • Equip you to implement and sustain a healthy disciple-making culture.

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We have a limited number of places available in our coaching network for 2017.

The Coaches

Col Marshall

Colin Marshall is the Director of Vinegrowers and with Tony Payne has written The Vine Project and The Trellis and the Vine. He has also written Growth Groups: a training course on how to lead small groups and Passing the Baton: A Handbook for Ministry Apprenticeship.

Col has spent 40 years in pastoral and student ministry in Sydney and co-founded The Ministry Training Strategy, which he led for 15 years. As a ministry coach, Col brings decades of experience in training and coaching pastors and ministry leaders, including the past five years using The Vine Project approach.

Craig Glassock

Craig is our Coaching Director. He has extensive experience developing people, leading teams, and shaping culture. In Vinegrowers Craig brings together his background as a player and coach in professional sport, a deep passion for disciple-making, and strong gifts in coaching, teaching, and leadership. In recent years, Craig has worked alongside pastors to help them bring about disciple-making culture change in their churches.

You can read some of Craig’s blogs at The Vine Project Library.

How Coaching Works

What services will be provided as part of the coaching?

  • Connector.


    A formal coaching agreement will clarify our mutual commitments.

  • Connector.


    A review of your notes from the previous team session, as well as your own reflections on the past month.

  • Connector.

    Skype Session

    A 90-minute Skype coaching session with the Pastor and/or Team Leader.

  • Connector.


    A summary email following each session to clarify agreed commitments, plans, and goals for the coming month

  • Connector.


    TVP Coaches will be available for prompt answers to questions via email or phone as needed.

  • Connector.

    Skype Team Session

    A Skype meeting with your Vine Project team early in the process.

Coaching Options and Fees

Special introductory pricing^

4 Sessions


US $1000
UK 750

Four (4) 90 minute coaching sessions
over a 12 month period.




Develop a customised package to meet the needs of your organisation.


^ Introductory pricing valid until 31 December 2016. Pricing subject to change based on exchange rates at the discretion of Vinegrowers.

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We have a limited number of places available in our coaching network so please register your interest today.

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The Vine Project takes you beneath technique and program to the heart of what matters in church life. And it does this in a way that is immensely practical. The book is so helpful, I think I can offer an ironclad guarantee that if you and a leadership team work through this book, things will change for the better. I guarantee there will also be pain! But it will be healthy pain.

Lead Pastor, EV Church, Erina, Australia; Director, Geneva Push church planting network; President, Fellowship Independent Evangelical Churches