Pastors tell us three things:

Get coaching from the team behind the book. We’re learning from hundreds of Vine Project teams around the world. We want you to benefit.

Coaching Options


We’ve learned a lot through working with Vine Project pastors. We want you to benefit. From getting started, leading the team, building momentum, and designing and implementing plans, The Vine Project Online Coach is a tool to guide pastors through each step of the change process.



Because there are unique challenges in every context, one-to-one coaching is the best way to support a pastor in leading The Vine Project.
If you are part of a network of pastors leading The Vine Project, please contact [email protected] to discuss group coaching.


“Having a Jesus-centred, Bible-loving, discipleship-focused coach has been one of the most significant ways God has answered our prayers and has been crucial in turning good intentions into a sharper vision, a detailed action plan and a changing church culture. Regular coaching, prayer and follow through has provided a real life-line.”

Leigh Roberts, Senior Pastor, Bulli Anglican Church, Australia

The Coaches

Colin Marshall

Colin Marshall is the founder of Vinegrowers and with Tony Payne has written The Vine Project and The Trellis and the Vine. He has also written Growth Groups: a training course on how to lead small groups and Passing the Baton: A Handbook for Ministry Apprenticeship.

Col has spent 40 years in pastoral and student ministry in Sydney and co-founded The Ministry Training Strategy, which he led for 15 years. As a ministry coach, Col brings decades of experience in training and coaching pastors and ministry leaders, including the past five years using The Vine Project approach.

Craig Glassock

Craig is the Director of Vinegrowers. Craig has extensive experience developing people, leading teams, and shaping culture. He is a graduate of Moore Theological College.

In Vinegrowers, Craig brings together his background as a player and coach in professional sport, a devotion to disciple-making and strong gifts in coaching, teaching and leadership.

He possesses a deep affinity for those who serve in pastoral ministry. Craig has coached dozens of pastors to help them build the type of disciple-making culture advocated in The Vine Project. He regularly delivers training seminars to church leaders, congregations and students, equipping them with practical tools and skills needed to grow as disciple-makers and lead the change in their context.