One-to-One Coaching

Every ministry has unique challenges. One-to-one coaching is the best way to support you through The Vine Project.


Individual Coaching allows us to be singularly focused on you and your context. It’s more than just warm encouragement in your ministry. It’s a robust, accountable, and structured coaching process designed to grow and equip you in leading change and growing a disciple-making culture.

Through a combination of our one-to-one sessions and the Vine Project online coach, you receive valuable support and accountability. We also identify your strengths and address areas for growth to help you through the culture change process.

Aims of Coaching

Through Individual Coaching you will learn how to:

  • Provide clear, purposeful leadership to your Vine Project team.
  • Achieve short-term wins and build momentum throughout process.
  • Overcome your contextual roadblocks that inhibit culture change.
  • Develop clear plans and pathways to grow your people as disciple-makers.
  • Utilise the skills and strategies needed to implement those plans over time.

“Having a Jesus-centred, Bible-loving, discipleship-focused coach has been one of the most significant ways God has answered our prayers and has been crucial in turning good intentions into a sharper vision, a detailed action plan and a changing church culture. Regular coaching, prayer and follow through has provided a real life-line.”

Leigh Roberts, Senior Pastor, Bulli Anglican Church, Australia

Watch the Bulli Story


$3,500 AUD

$3,000 USD

2,100 GBP

Like to meet the coach before committing? Please email [email protected] to arrange a preliminary Skype session.

What you get

  • 10 x 90-120 minute one-to-one Skype coaching sessions
  • Resources to help you prepare for coaching sessions and follow up with goals and action plans
  • Phone and email support with the coaches as required
  • Access to The Vine Project Online Coach

Church Consultations

Vinegrowers is available to undertake a four or five day onsite consultation to help you evaluate your ministries using a Vine Project framework. It may include:

  • Evaluation of your Sunday service (see ‘Evaluating Sunday as your flagship)
    Interviews with lay ministry leaders.
  • Teaching/ workshop for your congregation.
  • Time with your Vine Project team.
  • One-on-one and group time with staff.
  • A thorough report with recommendations.

Evaluating Sunday as your Flagship

The Sunday church gathering is perhaps the most significant trellis shaping your church culture. If you want a deeply rooted disciple-making culture every component of your formal gathering must reinforce the culture you are seeking. Getting this right is a crucial component of church-wide culture change.

Through the lens of the 4Ps and 4Es (discussed in The Vine Project), our coaches conduct a wide ranging in person and/or video evaluation of your formal gathering. We ask the question – ‘How is each element reinforcing or undermining disciple-making culture change’? You will receive a report with recommendations, plus a coaching session for the pastor (with the staff team if preferred).

“I’m impressed and convicted by how quickly and precisely you are able to diagnose both the culture of our church and myself as a pastor. You understand my personality, strengths and weaknesses so well, I’m amazed.”Chad Haygood, Senior Pastor, Nebraska, USA.

Common Questions (FAQ)

The coaches draw on their ministry coaching experience and the knowledge gained from hundreds of TVP teams and churches around the world.

Click here to learn more about the Coaches.

The sessions will consist of:

  • Evaluating your last team session
  • Preparing for your next team session
  • Working through your roadblocks to culture change
  • Helping you take the congregation with you, achieve short-term wins, and build momentum.
  • Developing relevant skills.
  • Other issues that arise.
We’ve learned a lot through working with Vine Project pastors. We want you to benefit. From getting started, leading the team, building momentum, and designing and implementing plans, The Vine Project Online Coach is a tool to guide pastors through each step of the change process. Learn more here.
It’s a common concern. Our Coaching program will give you access to everything you need to prepare and lead the team efficiently. It will help you work out what steps you need to take to lead The Vine Project well and to develop a schedule that suits your context.

If you use The Vine Project Online Coach you’ll be much more efficient. If your team meets monthly on average, most pastors find it sufficient to allow five to six hours a month for preparation, the team meeting and follow up.

We encourage anyone who is concerned about having time to lead a Vine Project team to watch this one minute video.

As soon as you like.
The ideal is to have your first coaching your session before you begin approaching people to be part of your Vine Project team.
While it’s best to have someone support you from start to finish, we believe it’s beneficial to start coaching at any point of the process, even if it is to help you implement your plans after you’ve finished the first four phases of The Vine Project.
The sessions will typically last 90-120 minutes. You should allocate 30 minutes for preparation and at least 30 minutes to review the session. We provide questionnaires to assist you in this process.
After ten sessions you can review whether you feel it’s beneficial to continue the coaching relationship.

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When you complete the registration form we will send you an application survey. This helps us understand a little more about you and your context.

More Questions?

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If you have further questions, see the FAQ. If you wish to discuss any aspect of the program please contact us we’ll get in touch.